Close your eyes, 
take a deep breath.

Feel the tension leaving your body. Feel the earth under your feet. Listen to the sounds of the forest.

Feel the breeze come through the trees to brush against your skin. Focus on the rush of the river, tumbling water over rocks.
Breathe deeply. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Let go, this is your peaceful place.

This is Little Wild. Calm, restful, soothing to your soul.


A treatment menu like no other

Each treatment is a delve into a totally new experience. Years of collected knowledge, a passion for holistic wellness, people and the natural world. Step into your Little Wild space.

Reflexology is the key to the whole treatment menu. Rituals that build connection between body and mind.

Supercharged Skincare that takes any complication out of a modern skincare routine and comes back to its simple origins to give a unique facial experience that’s straight out of nature.

Reiki Energy Healing and Crystal Therapy are introduced throughout the treatment menu to bring you exactly what your body, mind and soul need for an immersive, meditative relaxation experience.

Though I would like to keep Little Wild as a secret, I have to let you know that Carrie is the best discovery ever! She has a magical touch. Her sessions are intensely indulgent. A 5+ star from me!

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Little Wild Rocks

Hold magic in your hands, breathe deeply and root into your meditation practice.

To help your holistic wellness we search and carefully choose for you a collection of Little Wild Rocks, crystals, reiki charged meditation candles and other tools to help you along your healing pathway.

When you visit us in the treatment room you may find you’re drawn to a particular stone or tool and want to take it home with you. If you’d like to come in just to talk about our crystals or how to use them then get in touch:

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Little Wild Thoughts

Finding My Wild

What does Wild mean to you? I’ve spent most of this summer and now autumn too thinking about how we consider our outside spaces and what we think of as Wild or not.


That’s your own bit of Wild right there, always around you, always within you, waiting for you to let it break free.

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'Finding My Wild'

Fire and Flow- The Rituals

Welcome to Fire and Flow- The Rituals, a combination of meditation, yoga, reiki and journal practice, some live in Morzine, some online.

Learning to align with the very world around us, to follow the flow of the river as it rushes through the mountains and to build our fire in line with the movements of the moon and stars is a very important part of our own healing and growth.

Understanding that we are all one; and as such even the small movements in the skies can have a big effect on our emotions and how we feel.

The rituals can be a powerful way to help bring your day to day into balance and work with the powers of La Lune for your highest good.

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'Fire and Flow- The Rituals'